Resume Questionnaire

After you place your order with Peak Resume Services you can email your current resume to:
We can use this as our information tool in creating your new resume.

If you do not have a current resume we ask that you complete our questionnaire below in as much detail as possible so we can create your new resume accurately.


                                              Resume Questionnaire

               Please fill out the Questionnaire below in as much detail as possible.


Please let us know what type of position you are seeking.
Please list all schools and the city they are located in. Approximate dates, Degrees, Certificates, any Technical training, seminars or workshops.
Include Recent Jobs, Dates of Employment, Location of jobs, and Titles at each postion. Also include job duties and promotions.
Let us know of any special skills you may have.
Awards and Achievements:
List any and all awards and achievements.
Please include 3 references with there names and phone numbers.
Other Hobbies:
List any interests. Include any social, political, or academic organizations,
Include anything you feel we should consider that hasn't been covered in the above questionnaire.  This section is optional for clients who need to share more information.
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